October 28, 2013

Hola Mamasita!

Soooo Facebook! Yes we get to use Facebook now as a proselyting tool.  So what that means is we use it to make contact with investigators, coordinate with members, and share inspirational thoughts each day we use it (which is Tuesday through Saturday, when we can get access to a computer on Saturdays).  You and everyone else should feel free to like anything I post.  Feel free to comment so long as the comments aren’t excessive in nature (a.k.a. every time I post).  But for the most part it’s all about getting missionaries seen and heard on more than just street corners and doorsteps.  It makes easier to make appointments too.  We can even have lessons online through the messaging function.  In fact, you only see about half of what we do on Facebook.  But that about sums up us using Facebook.

This week was great!  We were able to get out and working each day, which was awesome!  Unfortunately, our investigators with baptismal dates didn’t come to church, so we’ll have to meet with them this week and express the importance of coming and share our desire that they come.  We have had some awesome lessons and moments though!

On Wednesday we taught an incredible lesson to G. He still says he isn’t ready to be baptized, which is a major improvement from “I don’t want to be a Mormon.”  He has felt the Spirit and I think it’s starting to change his heart!  On Thursday I went on an exchange in the Zone Leader’s area. We taught this investigator who has really been changed by the gospel, which was incredible!  I just love seeing people’s lives changed for the better by this message.

Transfers are this week, but things aren’t changing for me.  Elder C and I are going to be together for another transfer!  We’re so excited to keep helping this area grow.  I love hearing from you all!  Keep up the great member missionary work!




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